About our brand

Rebels Against War (R.A.W.) was inspired by the hometown of owners Kevin Johnson, East St. Louis; and Chyann Lockhart, Chicago. 

 Our brand is intended to represent resistance against violence in today’s society as a movement towards peace, despite the circumstances or environment you are raised in.  

 We come from communities and neighborhoods that consists of losing loved ones, friends, and classmates to things such as gun violence, gangs, police brutality, and more. So as young black adolescents we had the mindset to always be ready for anything that came our way. 

  In today’s society we see more young African Americans trying to navigate and find their place in the world all while fighting against obstacles and society trying to survive in a way that we shouldn’t have to especially as early as we do. Our brand is made with the intent to express a better path through life in a nonviolent and fashionable way. 

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